Alex Chin

Causal inference

A. Chin, Regression adjustments for estimating the global treatment effect in experiments with interference, Journal of Causal Inference, May 2019. [arXiv] [code]

A. Chin, Central limit theorems via Stein's method for randomized experiments under interference, arXiv, March 2019+.

A. Chin, D. Eckles, and J. Ugander, Evaluating stochastic seeding strategies in networks, arXiv, January 2019+.

Other publications

A. Chin, Y. Chen, K. M. Altenburger, J. Ugander, Decoupled smoothing on graphs, Proceedings of the World Wide Web Conference (WWW), May 2019. [code]

A. Chin, G. Gordon, K. MacPhee, C. Vincent, Subtrees of graphs, Journal of Graph Theory, May 2018.

A. Chin, T. D. Goodrich, M. P. O'Brien, F. Reidl, B. D. Sullivan, A. van der Poel, Asymptotic analysis of equivalences and core-structures in Kronecker-style graph models, Proceedings of the International Conference of Data Mining (ICDM), December 2016.

A. Chin, G. Gordon, K. MacPhee, C. Vincent, Pick a tree — any tree, The American Mathematical Monthly, May 2015.