Alex Chin

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I’m a statistician, data scientist, and researcher. Previously I was a staff data scientist at Lyft, and I’ve worked on various problems in causal inference, experimentation, and reinforcement learning. I tend to gravitate towards interdisciplinary work, and my day-to-day work often borrows from the data scientist, software engineer, and research scientist functions.

My Ph.D. is in Statistics from Stanford in March 2019, working with Johan Ugander. My dissertation was on causal inference under interference.

Before Stanford I was a Park Scholar at NC State. I also spent a semester studying math in Budapest, Hungary.

I’m an amateur linguist and have studied (to varying degrees of fluency) Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese, Hungarian, and Chinese.


Ph.D. Statistics, M.S. Statistics, Stanford University, March 2019.

B.S. Mathematics, B.S. Economics, Minor in Linguistics, NC State University, May 2014